Biodar Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (B.B.C) was the biotechnology natural environmental protection product specialized research and development manufacturer, of biotechnology plant best technology the union world advanced countries area, uses a pure natural plant essence ingredient coordination nanotechnology, produces the system natural environmental protection serial products, provides the security, the environmental protection, not to have the environmental damage the fine environmental protection product.


Our company was founded in 1998, monopolized commodity generation of labor (OEM) and commodity research and development generation of labor  (ODM), to meet the customer omni-directional need, in 2001 established the research and development manufacturing center, special matter research and development production nanometer biochemistry science and technology natural environmental protection product.


After ten remaining years of life, by the biotechnology method, chooses the suitable object one by one from the natural plant, after high tech's method, selects its special level the ingredient; Under the severe condition request, the function which needs us, passes through the advanced nanometer function combination technology, causes effect which because these weak function the addition multiplies originally, increases suddenly to several hundred or several thousand time of astonishing effects.


Our company natural serial products includes:

Bio-Extract Cosmetics, Antibacterial Feminine & Baby Care,Antibacterial Personal Care, Antibacterial House Clean, Water Essential Oil, Air Antibacterial & Cleansing, Antibacterial Pets Care, Antibacterial Hotels Reserve, Infection Carrier Prevention & Deodorizing, Antibacterial Organic Plants Protect, Antibacterial Guard & health..ext. 11 series.


All products use the natural plant essence ingredient, undergoes the rigorous research and the process of manufacture makes, and after AAALAC, CNLA, SGS and so on international notarization development facility experiment proved that guaranteed non-toxic, does not have the irritating quality and highly the biodegradation characteristic, Provides the security environmental protection the fine daily necessities by the Environmental Protection Administration and Department of health ext. Government unit.


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